Cele mai hazlii caricaturi de pe fotografie in doar 48 ore.

Karikatur schwarz-weiss

Eine lustige schwarz-weiss Portrait-Karikatur, in kürzester Zeit und zum besten Preis

Caricatura Alb-Negru

O vesela Caricatura portret alb-negru, la cel mai acsesibil pret si in cel mai scurt timp.


Les caricatures les plus drôles d’après photo

Caricatura tematica

Caricatura TEMATICA face cat o mie de cuvinte, la sigur va fi cel mai emotionant cadou!

caricatura portret

O frumoasa Caricatura Portret COLOR , este cel mai original cadou pentru orice ocazie.

Caricature Noir et Blanc

Une caricature drôle en noir et blanc au prix le plus raisonnable et dans un délai rapide.

caricatura de nunta

Caricaturi de NUNTA, pentru cea mai inportanta zi din viata unui cuplu.

Caricature Thématique

La caricature „Thématique”qui vaut mille mots. Certainement le cadeau le plus excitant

Caricature Mariage

La caricature „Mariage”, pour le jour le plus important dans la vie d'un couple.

Caricature Portrait

Une belle caricature Portrait en couleur, c’est le cadeau le plus original en toute occasion.


Le più divertenti caricature in solo 48 ore

Caricatura Bianco - Nero

Una caricatura- ritratto divertente in bianco e nero ad un prezzo accessibile nel più breve tempo possibile.

Caricatura soggetiva

La caricatura soggetiva vale quanto mille parole e sarà sicuramente il migliore regalo.

Caricatura nuziale

La caricatura nuziale, per il più importante giorno nella vita di una coppia

caricatura ritratto

Una bella caricatura-ritratto a colori è il regalo più originale per ogni occasione.


The funniest caricatures from photos, available in 48h

Black&White Caricature

Black&White caricature - reasonable price and short terms

Thematic caricature

The thematic caricature is worth a thousand words; certainly it will be the most emotional gift.

Wedding caricature

Wedding caricature for the most important event in the life of a couple

Portrait caricature

A beautiful color portrait is the most unique gift for any occasion


Самые смешные Шаржи по фото, всего за 48 часов.

vom Foto

Die coolsten Karikaturen vom Foto in nur 48 Studen erstellen lassen

Karikatur Schwarz-Weiss

Eine lustige schwarz-weiss Portrait-Karikatur, in kürzester Zeit und zum besten Preis.

Portrait Karikatur

Eine bunte Portrait Karikatur wird das beste Geschenk für jeden Anlass

Thematisierte Karikaturen

Eine thematisierte Karikatur sagt mehr als tausend Worte und wird bestimmt das beste Geschenk!

Karikatur zur Hochzeit

Karikatur zur Hochzeit für den wichtigsten Tag im Leben des Brautpaars

Черно-Белый шарж

Весёлые Черно-Белые шаржи, лучшее качество по самой низкой цене.

Портретный шарж

Сюжетный шарж

Свадебный шарж


 We kindly offer:

4 different caricature drawing style and prices, executed with passion and professionalism!

Black&White Caricature

Portrait caricature

Thematic caricature

Wedding caricature

4   extraordinary caricaturists

The best caricaturists with long years in art studies .

 Attractive prices

The most reasonable prices for the highest quality.

Only 48h

 You will receive your caricature within 2 business days after placing your order .

Why us?

We are a team of professionals with many years of art studies and well-developed sense of
humor. We guarantee you receive the most beautiful caricature in no time, true work of art at a reasonable price.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”  Charlie Chaplin

Our mission is to make the world happier with fine art. Professionals, responsible and
enthusiastic of what we do. Caricature is the thing we do best and we want to share it with

How to order ?

Order your caricature

Select the type of caricature, upload the photo and indicate the number of persons, along with a
legend (to your desire) .

Make the payment

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Wait for 48h.

The Caricature will be available within 2 business days and does not include the delivery term.

 Receive your caricature

 You receive the digital caricatures by the email indicated in the order form, in A2 format, with a
resolution of 300 dpi.

Have you recognized yourself?

Looking for a gift idea for a special event and you don’t have the time?

We offer you an online caricature service – extremely convenient and advantageous.

It takes just a few minutes to submit your order while sitting at home or working .

Definitely, you’ll have the most impressive and memorable gift. – guarantees you quality and seriousness.

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"It is the best gift idea, all my friends were taken aback by the gift and I was proud of my choice.
Thank you very much! I will order from you again!"

" I really was interested how I will look in a caricature… I liked it, I never thought I could be funny
and still look so much with me”. Soon I’ll get married and for sure I’ll order a caricature with my
dear wife for the wedding invitations and to amuse the guests! "

" I liked your promptness and professionalism (I really was in a hurry) and of course, the quality
of caricature is one of the best. Many thanks to the team."

" I was looking for a gift to impress my boyfriend and I couldn’t decide. But I was surprise by the
result. We thank you so much for the emotions we feel when we look at the caricature hung in
our bedroom! Bye. "

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We are proud that the work we create generates happiness and laughter.

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 What do I receive?

You will receive a high quality caricature in digital format. The A0 form with a resolution of
300dpi, that allows you to print various types of caricatures:

 On Canvas ,

 On photo paper ,

 T-shirts, etc.

 The caricature will be delivered to your email box indicated in the order form .

 Framing options

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